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Read Full Blog to Know about Different Franchise business offered By Civil Guruji. You'll know FOCO, COCO, And FOFO Best Franchise models and their benefits.  

06 Jan 2022

You might have heard about the Franchise Business such as the DOMINOS, KFC, and many other franchises in India.

But do you know How DO they Offer Franchise Business Models and their benefits?

If you are looking for Franchise Business Models, it clearly means that you are planning to build a business and make huge revenue.

In this blog, you’ll know how Civil Guruji’s Franchise Models work and how you can be an investor or Partner of a powerful model.

So today, we have compiled a list of franchise business models of Civil Guruji that you must be aware of.

It would help you understand what business model you can run. Adopt one of the models and make yourself an entrepreneur even if you would start with very low investment.

Here, we’ll talk about the benefits and you can choose the best model and make a good income by growing the business model we offer.

Before that, you should know 3 types of Franchises Models Civil Guruji is providing Right Now-

1. FOCO (Franchise Owned Company Operator)

  • Franchisee Owned- Means Capital Expenditure by Franchisee (Investor) 
  • Company Operated-Operational Expenditure by the Company.

Supported example for FOCO Model-

You might have heard about the DOMINOS franchise, KFC franchise, and many other franchises in India.

1. McDonald’s- You can open a new Outlet by investing up to Rs 30 lakh. All you have to do is manage. And, rest of the Processes, systems, employees, dishes and raw materials will provide McDonald’s.

2. Fernsnpetals- You can Own this Franchise model of Flowers and Plants with Franchise Fee 5-10 Lakh.

3. Quickauto services- Buy investing up to 7 Lakhs, you can get a business opportunity of Quickauto services which provides 2 wheelers repairing, annual maintenance, breakdown services, spare part, and Lubricant.

4. 7/12 Fried Ice Cream- Live Ice cream making In front of Customer. Outlet originated from Kolkata all over India. 3 to 5 Lakhs. 

5Dr. Lal Pathlabs- Provide Pathological services Franchise. 5 to 10 Lakhs

Civil Guruji FOCO Franchise Model-

We’ll be able to expand Civil Guruji by finding new Investment Partners like you.

This will be the best Franchise opportunity to start, as we have the Experts and skilled manpower to help you start your Business.

Why FOCO franchise Model is best for you?

We’ll be able to expand Civil Guruji by finding new Investment Partners like you.

This will be the best Franchise opportunity to start, as we have the Experts and skilled manpower to help you start your Business.

  • You’ll get a Successful Business Model
  • Allows you to invest in the brand and the company takes care of the rest of the operations.
  • We’ll provide all the Processes and systems.
  • Minimal risk

Currently, Running Franchise FOCO Models of Civil Guruji’s are-

  • Bhopal Branch
  • Pune
  • Lucknow

2. COCO (Company-owned Company Operated)

In this Model-

  • The company itself operates Business and Open branches.
  • The company itself Do Capital Expenditure and Operational Expenditure.

COCO Franchise Business Models Examples-

In this Franchise Model, Company opens multiple branches of itself to expand it's business and brand all over the world.

  • Reliance Jio Mart
  • D-mart
  • Lenskart
  • Big bazar

Civil Guruji COCO Franchise Model

We provide needful skills to all the Engineers to become Industry capable. 

So, we’ve made this model so that Franchisee Like you attracts to our services and are willing to take this opportunity. 

 We’ve established a Branch (Pune Civil Guruji Branch) which is running very successfully.

 For that, we are providing -

  • Good Location
  • Good Manpower
  • Good Profitability
  • Already premade Footprint

3. FOFO franchise model (Franchise owned Franchise Operated)

More than 80% of the brands prefer this model because the owner is responsible for all the Investment and Operations

  • In the Beginning, you (Franchisee) have to submit a fixed amount for a pre-agreed time period.
  • You have to be actively involved. 
  • The franchise owner will bear all the Operational costs.

Examples of FOFO Models Franchise-

  • Sparx Franchise- You can own it by submitting 20-30 Lakhs with 400+ Sqft area required. 
  • Haldiram’s Franchise- Requires 20 to 30 Lakhs with 500-1000 sqft Area of land. 
  • Pizza Da Dhaba Franchise- By Submitting Franchisee Fees of 5 to 10 Lakhs and an area of 100-300 Sqft, you can own Pizza Da Dhaba Franchise.

Few factors to Notice-

  • You have to follow the company standards.
  • Companies provide their licenses and brand to the franchisee for some Terms & Conditions.
  • Prices and merchandise are decided by the company.

With Civil Guruji’s FOFO Franchise Model, You’ll find the following Things

  • You have to follow the company standards.
  • Readymade Powerful Content- With these contents, large numbers of engineers are trained and getting High salary Jobs. 
  • Sales and Marketing Support- Online as well as Offline support.
  • Lower Entry Cost & Less Royalty. 
  • IT Support- Software, database, App support, and automation.
  • Ready Customer Base- More than 4 lakhs of Engineers are already connected with us.
  • Transparency-No Hidden Costs and Terms & Conditions.
  • Additional support- We provide support if you have the passion, Business mindset, Business ability, Analytical Ability, and Critical thinking.

How we choose our Franchise Partner

In the Beginning stage-

Following things will be provided to you-

  • Clarity in Communication
  • Organized
  • Brilliant Marketing
  • Guide you to hire best Sales Staff
  • Best ever training to Engineers
  • Advertisement
  • Best Letterhead
  • All Laws and Attorney guidance
  • Best Deal Breakers and dealmakers



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