Civil Engineering Software Courses in 2022

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4 April 2022

Civil Engineering Software Courses

In This decade Civil Engineering Knowledge has been expanding because much software is used and new Software’s are adding.

Apparently, many believe that Civil Engineering belongs to the work of conventional practices like taking measurements, quality control, construction, quantity surveying, building, and estimation in papers, etc., which are definitely a part of civil engineering but not Civil Engineering as a whole.

How do Software courses help you in Career Growth?

Civil Engineering jobs are broadly divided into design jobs, estimation and billing jobs, project management and monitoring jobs, execution jobs, quality control, and inspection jobs. And software’s are taking part solving these engineering jobs. 

Being a Civil Engineer You must know the structural analysis and design software. Also, you should know how to understand the effect of loading on the structure. 

 A design Engineer needs to learn design software like Staadpro, project management Engineer shall learn primavera like software, for Execution Engineer AutoCAD is enough and so on.

Online Civil Engineering Software Courses

You should always go with some of the software which the industry needs you to learn during your college days. As far as the online teaching revolution, now it’s easy to take and enhance the software’s skills after college or during the Job. 

Many Civil Engineering Students only learn a few commands and basics. But that will not help you to enter the High paying job market. You should learn to solve Engineering projects.

Is it necessary to learn software for a Civil Engineer student?

You’re living in a technical world. Now a days Civil Engineering Software learning is an essential requirement for all construction companies. 

There is multiple scope and options in the design field as well as other Civil Engineering Field. If you wish to make your career in the design industry then developing software skills is one of the best ways for making your career grow. 

Knowledge of certain software proves to be useful for project work and Software’s give speed to the construction industry. 

It will surely help in decreasing workload. Many Civil Engineering works such as Structural designs and analysis can be done easily using software packages. Even Microsoft Project is very important for construction management works.

Civil Engineering Software Courses list

S.No Working Software Name
1. 2D/3D Drafting ARCHICAD, AUTOCAD, Revit
2. 2D/3D Drafting with the implementation of IBIM ArchiCAD, Revit, Tekla
3. 3D Rendering 3Ds Max,Lumion,SketchUp
4. Transportation MX Road
5. Steel Structure Analysis SAP2000
6. Structural Analysis of Building System ETABS, Stadd Pro
7. Foundation Analysis Stadd Foundation, SAFE
8. Estimation and Costing Advance Excel sheets, ArchiCAD
9. Application of GIS QGIS, ArcGIS
10. Construction Project Management Primavera
11. Project Risk Controlling Primavera Risk Analysis
12. Zero Energy Buildings/Green Building Projects ArchiCAD, Revit.

When you go for the postgraduate Engineering Degree or Higher this software is also important for-

  • StormCAD
  • SSA
  • WaterCAD

Apart from all this, a basic knowledge of Microsoft Office and Photoshop can give you added advantage. You can learn many of this software through a project-based learning program organized by Civil Guruji.

You can know here in very specific categorization-

Design, Drafting, and Detailing

1. AutoCAD. Both 2D and 3D. 3D is very handy in developing critical models for finite element analysis 

 2. Revit- For Architectural Designs

Management and Planning

1. Excel 

2. Primavera 

3. MS Project

Structural Analysis and Design

1. SAP 

2. Staad | Staad (either SAP or Staad should be good enough) 

 3. ETABS (For high rise buildings)



2. OpenSees 

3. R (for Statistical Analysis) 

 4. Python or C

You should know at least one in each category apart from your interest domains which are out of your specialization. If you want more information about the Civil Engineering Software Courses- Click Here!

Civil Guruji Software Training courses

Civil Guruji offers you FREE Courses to learn AutoCAD in a Nutshell so you could know the basics of all designs at hand.

FREE Course- Start with Professional AutoCAD User Interface

Civil Guruji offers you FREE Courses to learn AutoCAD in a Nutshell so you could know the basics of all designs at hand.

This FREE Course will provide you with-

  • Primary Interface Of Autocad- Opening An AutoCAD AND Primary Settings In     AutoCAD.
  • Drawing Tools Part- You’ll Know the Drawing Tools Commonly Used in AutoCAD
  • Drawing & Modify Tools Part- Commands like OFFSET, TRIM, EXTEND.
Get the FREE Course NOW-Click HERE!

Structural Software Training

As we’re all living in the world of technology that goes through frequent changes and upgrades and that is happening in the Civil Engineering Industry? 

 Therefore Civil Guruji Introduced the Structural Software Training courses where you can learn and Implement the Knowledge of software. 

In this course, you’ll know about STAADPro and ETABS software

You know the well-known STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS & DESIGN PROGRAM STAADPro and ETABS are supposed to perform the analysis of STRUCTURES by providing input to the SOFTWARE and obtaining the output.
 With this software, you can quickly analyze and verify results with more complete reports, as well as develop Structured working drawings for execution work, enhancing your skills for professional advancement. To know More About This Course- Click Here!

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अपनी SKILL के लिए JOB न खोजें, अपनी मनचाही JOB के लिए SKILLS खोजें! COMPANY की ज़रूरत को कैसे समझे और उसे कैसे पूरा करे ? 

 एक SUCCESSFUL CANDIDATE की सबसे बड़ी निशानी होती है की वो अपनी COMPANY के WORK को अच्छे से समझता है |


  • INTERVIEW में 10 में से क्यों वो 9 को छोड़ के आपको आपको SELECT करे |
  • INTERVIEW से पहले खुद की LEARNING पर कहा INVEST करे |
  • कैसे आप COMPANY के लिए ALLROUNDER बने लेकिन एक SPECIFIC SKILL के MASTER हो |
  • कैसे बेचे वही जो सामने वाला खरीदना चाहता है |



जहाँ आप के साथ सीखते है वही जो COMPANY आपसे DEMAND करती है.

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