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Here In this blog Find the incredible facts of the Civil Billing Engineer roles and responsibilities, career goals, skills required, and salary. If your goal is to be an excellent billing Engineer Go inside and explore more-

Mon, 26 Aug 2021.

Are you Looking Civil Billing Engineer Job and salary? The Billing Engineer maintains and balanced the income generations and advancement of any project at the construction sites. Billing Engineers have the knowledge of estimation and costing, Rate analysis, which enables them to carry billing works with proper efficiency and accuracy.

1. Job Role of a Civil Billing Engineer

Almost every construction company continually demands and releases an oversized range of vacancies for the Billing Engineer post. So, preparation is needed before applying for the job. So we have concluded Job roles for a Civil Billing Engineer. 

  • Bill Proposition

Prepare measurement sheet from onsite data & drawings and checking measurement. And List out the Materials items from the suppliers date wise. Billing Engineer verifies on-site measurement & rates with Tender. Check the quantum of work stated in the bill against actual work done. Analysis of Bill claimed by contractors or vendors and closing of the same.

  • Payment Process

Approval payment from the Clients and send to the Contractor. Manage Payments to every workforce. Hold some amount for the further work. Also, Civil Billing Engineer have a proper List of accounts so he can review bills of quantities and item lists. Vendor payment as per material received services and compared to work done.

  • Preliminary Estimations

Approves items including preparation of Rate analysis along with supporting Joint Measurement sheets (JMR) duly signed by the client prior to execution of works. Also, Prepare a Detailed Bill of Quantities/Pre-tender estimates. Prepare bill of quantities & bills with rates from Tender. Finally, processing invoice generating cost-related reports and documentation.

  • Reconciliation of materials

Audit and prepare reconciliation statements, how much material is coming, and how much materials are using in the process. And if wastage, how you can reconcile, easy to handle the project.

  • Escalation

Proper escalation with the time and control of the expenses. Civil Billing Engineer keeps the profitable balance between Company and Contractor. Bills are also formed on the basis of price escalation and monthly bill targets to evaluate the change in rates and material prices with actual Measurement Book & Bill Book.

2. Career Goal of a Civil Billing Engineer

Your Career Goal would be different from the others as you are the author of your own life. Deciding your career goal shape you in the direction where you want to be 5-10 years from now. So to be a Billing engineer, we have outlined these thrilling points to follow you making a good career fortune. Here we go

  • Be a treasure of Knowledge

You must consistently acquire knowledge through the Method of Measurement of Building and Civil Engineering Works using the IS CODE mode of measurement.

  • Well Known Expert

Detail knowledge of GCC (General Construction Contractor) means all of the equipment, machinery, and materials that the supplier is required to supply to the purchaser under the contract. Knowing these will help you move ahead such as the project manager post.

  • Develop Negotiations skills

So that you could be deal with Contractors and someday you’ll be a self-made contractor.

  • Proficient in Planning Work

Know how to plan with software like Primavera management software. This could help you know the planning part of your next role player.

  • Target Base Bill

You must know how to prepare target base Bills so that project would be complete with a time limit and within Budget.

3. Process followed by Civil Billing Engineer

3 Simple steps to follow by the billing engineer.

  • A Site Engineer gives a bill to a contractor based on work completed periodically (Usually fortnightly). To take the measurement from the site engineer.
  • The contractor submits reports to a Billing Engineer who takes charge of inspection of work on the site and approves the amount only thereafter.
  • And finally, process it as per the decision made by the company.

4. Skills Required for Civil Billing Engineers Job and salary 

Now a day, Every Post requires to hire candidates for the skills that can provide their company results. Results in the term of increasing their revenue, growing their company, and expand to the different cities. If you’ll be perfect in the skills, you’ll be perfect in the technical skills. So starting a career as Civil Billing Engineer needs the following skills to develop

  • Fair Knowledge of Engineering Drawings-Drawing data extraction and measurements.

  • Communication- Deal with Clients and consult with the head of the department of the company.

  • Data Entry- Data entry & analysis in ERP Software or SAP (If used by the company)

  • Perfect Checklist Explanation- Ability to explain responsibility to the new trainee engineers. 

  •   Software-like excel and tally

  • Speed Calculation-Highly focused on numbers and process

  • Demonstrated ability- Increase the effectiveness, recognizing opportunities for creating new systems, structures, and processes.

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5. Salary of a Civil Billing Engineer

You might be listening that ‘salary makes you happy, fulfill your daily needs and put foods on the table’-Exactly true. Nowadays everyone is fighting and striving for that. So as a Billing Civil engineer-Did you think-What would be the monthly or yearly salary? You must know here how the company decides the salary of a Civil Billing Engineer. It totally depends upon the project Cost

Let’s say the Project of the Cost = 5, 00, 00, 000 (5 Crore) 

And The General rule is- Contractor invests only 1 % of the Project Cost for the Total Staff payments that is= 5, 00,000 (5 Lakhs) 

So your Salary as a Civil Billing Engineer is Between- 2 to 3 lakhs. This way you can predict your Salary offered by the Company. For that, you should know the Project Cost. 



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QA QC Civil Engineers Job & Salary