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Civil Billing Engineers-Are you ready to face any Interviews?

If you’re getting frustrated with how to face the Interview either as a fresher or an Experienced Billing engineer- This is a must-read blog for you.

Tue, 2 Sep

As a Civil Billing engineers plays an important role in the records of a Construction project. And they prepare bills for payments and involve in the estimation of quantities along with an order of materials.

Job Hunting Strategy-Get the Job that you always wanted.

Many companies want billing engineers to complete these tasks but the main problem is Hiring and the eligible candidates. Here we are outlining the best steps and the strategy to confirm your Job by facing any kind of interview- Read till the end.

1. Online Job portal

  • Be selective with your search-Search the best company in Google and Select the best job portal where you’ll find the list of the company and according to the best search, you list out the companies.
  • Maintain a strong digital presence- Meaning your Profile must be best in the job portal, or in all social media profiles like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Customize your application regularly- You don’t have to sit and relax, you should optimize and regularly update your application so it could appear on the first page of the job portal website.
  • Try to Increase your Network regularly-‘your network is the net-worth” you must think about it and try to be part of the social media groups and join the groups and also in the job portal.
  • Participate in job fairs-Going seminars and fairs allow you to meet with the professional and can learn more over social media.

2. Consulting agency

Whether you’re applying as a Fresher or the senior post of the Billing Engineers, Try this strategy, we are sure that, you’ll find a job very soon.

3. Go Premium in the Job Portal

  • Search on the Internet-There you’ll find a lot of recruitment agencies nearby.
  • Visit their Office-They will charge you the Consulting registration fees of almost 300-500 Rupees.
  • Fill the form and the Job requirement-Because many companies are approaching the recruitment agency to find a good candidate.
  • Best Candidate- Recruitment agency is already filtered out.
  • Main criteria- You have to pay the 50 % off your first month's salary to the Recruitment agency.
Like RG Consultancy India, ABC Job Placement, Career Net, Adecco India, Kelly Services, 

4. Go Premium in the Job Portal

You might be asking- Is it beneficial to have a premium membership account of any Job Portal? Now many of the Job portal websites are not Good and wasting your time in the job search strategy.

  • Take premium Version-If you’re using the free profile and not getting calls, interviews are not scheduling, we      suggest you go and take the premium version. 
  • Provide you 3 jobs dailyWith the paid profile, they guarantee you to show 3 Jobs daily. You’ll get it in the text message form. In this strategy, apply only for the particular segment let's say you are ready to interview for the post of billing engineer. You should tell them about this category. 
  • Update the profile and Customs Options-The paid version helps your Profile to be updated, shorted, appear At the top, so many custom options, and you’ll frequently get calls from the H.R. Charges are a Little bit High but you could bear that and find a good job within a week. 
  • Bundle of Offers- It’s like for one month bundle, they charge 1300-1400, and for 3 Months- 2600 approx. but without hustling, you can get the benefits over the free profile. You can choose the Bundle according to your ability to job search. Their customer support is literally good.

For this, you can go through,, and LinkedIn for premium Job Searches.

Strategy to crack Civil Billing Engineers Interview

It is one of the most important parts of cracking any interview. If you’re reading this blog as apply for the Fresher or experienced billing engineering post, both can get benefits- You must prepare these things in such a manner that you are already done with your homework and whenever asked any kind of question, your answers would be in your lips.

Ready your Resume and Portfolios for Billing Engineers

We know that you have prior experience with the resume-making process. But today you’ll find Different concepts we are explaining here for making a resume

Go to the Job portal and List out the Job role and Responsibility-

  1.  Construction project requirements and estimations- preparing the estimation
  2.  Inviting quotations from vendors-For materials and services and suggesting to the management team about            the most cost-effective cash flow reports and BOQ (Bill of quantities) for the organization
  3. Billing, Contracting, and reconciliation of material.
  4. Checking and Approval of bills of contractorsAnd Reporting Them to the team lead. 
  5. Interpreting tenders/ contracts of or for the clients- Client Billing, Contractor Billing, and Escalation Bill

What skills they are demanding

Must know of MS Project, Excel, AUTOCAD

Learn the skills

from any online platform if it’s required software skills, starting learning. It’s a great chance to learn from the best Civil Engineering Training Institute-Civil Guruji. 

Start filling the Resume

Fill the sheet with the listed roles responsibility and your Brush up skills.

Civil engineer resume maker and template- Download here   

Be Ready with the Best questions in the Civil Billing Engineer Interview

Here we are giving a set of questions to help you cracking the Billing engineer interview as many times seen that these field-related questions are asked frequently. The question that will be asked from these categories

  • Technical Questions
  • Billing engineer interview questions asked by H.R
  • Salary Related Questions and Negotiation offer

Take follow Up for Hiring Interview

If you’ve ever appeared for the Interview, you must be excited to know the results. You need to follow the Company through the emails or calls for the Hiring status.

4 situations to follow

1. If you have given an application and you didn’t receive emails or calls 

2. If you appear in the interview and you didn’t get the result declaration date 

 3. Released job vacancy, you emailed them but didn’t receive anything. 

 4. H.R Will say you-Like ‘We’ll get back to you’- To confirm that follow them

Make sure the following things while following them with the emails or the Phone calls 

  •  Use polite tone- 
  •  Make your letter Short
  •  Your skills stand out 

 For more information and learn the best tips of Follow up with the Company with sure finding Job, Take our- Job Detective Course Civil Guruji

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