Checklist of Brickwork for Execution work

If you are working on a project building in the construction industry. Then it is very important to Know a Checklist of Brickwork for Execution and do all the things precisely without any mistake. 

So in this blog, we are going to tell you about the checklist for brickwork so that after reading this blog, you can easily execute any type of brickwork on the construction site.

Thu, Jul 22, 2021

Who should practice this checklist for Brickwork execution?

  •  Anyone wishing to sharpen their Basic Knowledge.
  •  Anyone preparing to work in Building Construction.
  •  Anyone who wants to do effective work on site.
  •  Anyone who wants to work according to Central public work department by following their norms.

Important Points of Checklist for Brickwork related to Building Construction


  • Name, Date and Number of the Drawing.
  • Are the latest "Good for Construction" drawings available? 
  • Are the required number of bricks available?


  • Has the hacking at contact surfaces of column & beam been done? 
  • Has cement slurry been applied over the hacked surface? 
  •  Have aluminum/steel templates been used for door/window openings? 
  •  Are the required tools available? 
  •  Cement - is it of the approved grade and less than 1 month old? 
  •  Sand - is it medium gritty, clean, and silt-free (less than 5%)?


  • Is the brickwork checked in vertical and horizontal directions? 
  • Is brick soaked in water to just penetrate the whole depth of the bricks?
  • Is the mortar in proportion 1:5 on MS sheet using farma box ? 
  • Has the thickness for joints been checked? 
  • Has raking and pointing of joints been done? 
  • Is the RCC band for 100mm walls done? 
  • Has Hopping provided at each 3 layer in 100mm wall 
  • Has the procedure of not constructing more than 1.2 meter a day been followed?


  • Has the curing of brickwork been done for at least 7 days? 
  • Has care been taken of not entertaining excessive chasing? 
  • Has a nail been driven to test the strength of the joint after 7 days of curing?

YOU Can see the Video Below and Get More Knowledge about the Checklist of Brickwork for Execution work

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