Excavation Work

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Excavation Work About: In this corporate video trainer, Er Chetan Sharma from Civil Guruji will tell you about the second construction project process, excavation work, and account for the hole in estimation. Insights: After we get the site cleaned, we need to have a proper marking on the site for e...

Site cleaning of the plot

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Site cleaning of the plot About: This is actually a Script of Video of our youtube channel....so do you really want to know how to do Site cleaning of the plot? Means Remove bushes, garbage in vacant plots. In this video corporate trainer, Er Chetan Sharma from Civil Grurji will take you to the very...

Introduction to estimation and planning

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Introduction to Estimation and Planning In this Blog, our expert Mr. Chetan Sharma from Civil Guruji brings an introduction to building estimation and Planning. You will learn about estimate of a project, ultimately, from site clearing to the handover. Here you'll know the best Building Estimation a...
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