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Thu, 15 Sep, 2021.

Billing Engineer Interview questions and answers are important for the Civil engineers who want to the best jobs in this age. Here, in this blog we’ll discuss about Billing Engineers Interview questions and answers for Civil Engineers. Discover more inside the full blog and you would never be hesitating to sit in the Billing engineer Interview. First we’ll discuss the H. R questions and later we’ll discuss the Technical part. Stay positive and read the blog now.

Question 1- Could you have done better in your last job? 

Or what could you have done better on your last job?

TRAPS: you should not have confessions of major or even minor problems. 

BEST ANSWER: keep in mind that your answer never be negative. 

Example: I suppose with the benefit of the organization and you always seeking things to do better. But sometimes you can’t think of anything of major consequence. 

 (If more explanation seems necessary)
paint a picture of situation that didn’t suffer the organization because of you but from the external conditions that you couldn’t control. 

 For example-the disappointment you felt with a billing campaign, or the mode of measurement etc. which looked simple at first, but led to underwhelming results. 

 You wish you could have known at the start what you were later found out (wrong procedure, the billing criteria, etc.), but since you couldn’t, you just had to go for it. And you did learn from it a good lesson.

TRAPS: This type of question asked by interviewer to get you admits your weaknesses. Because you can’t say or pretend you’ve never been criticized. Everybody has been criticized in their job roles. It’s a true fact. But it can be quite damaging to accepting potential failures that you’d just as soon leave buried. 

Best Answers: Begin with extremely positive feedback you’ve accolades throughout your career and your performance reviews have been excellent and never be disappointed. Everyone knows that no one is perfect and you have always welcome feedback and suggestion on improving your career goals. 

Give an example of a not-too-damaging experience-from your career and relate this story how it helped you overcome a big problem. This demonstrates that you learned from the experience and the lesson is now one of the strongest points in your career. 

If you face criticism from a recent position-Choose something fairly story that not essential to your successful performance. Tell them that you’ve learned from this, too, and over the past several years, it’s no longer an area of concern because you make it a daily habit. 

Describe your intention- Describe your intention to broaden your learning area of growing importance in your field.

 For example, this might be a billing engineer issue. a new method you’ve learn about or attending a seminar on some good tips to grasp it all. Again, the key is to focus on something not essential to your brilliant but which adds another dimension to your already gained knowledge.

TRAPS: Watch out carefully, this question can derail your candidacy faster. 

Reason: Because you cannot know the right actions to take in that position before you settle in and get to know the operation’s strengths, financial condition, and methods of operation, etc. If you lunge at this temptingly question, you will probably be seen as someone who randomly shoots. 

BEST ANSWER: You will definitely want to take a good hard look to the company if they’re doing before making any recommendations. 

Example: I’d want to take a good hard look at everything you’re doing and understand why it’s being done that way. I’d like to have in-depth meetings with you and the other professional to get a deeper understanding of what you feel you’re doing right now and what could be improved. 

TRAPS: Your interviewer actually wants to identify your weak part. 

BEST ANSWER: in this situation, redefine difficult to be challenging which is more positive. Then, identify your area of work everyone in your profession considers challenging and in which you did that effortlessly. Tell them the process you follow that helps you to get splendid results. 

Example: - I think every billing Engineer finds it challenging to work in the projects recession. But that’s probably the strongest test of a Billing Engineer. I felt this is exactly the area where I excel. Here’s the plan I put into action immediately. (Followed by a description of each step in the process and the result you have achieved.

Billing related Technical interview questions and answers for Civil Engineers

Here we are giving set of question help you o crack Billing engineer interview as many times seen that these field related question are asked frequently. May be you couldn’t find these questions in other sites.

  • Cement consumption for neat cement putting work (Ghola marna)- You must know these terms as a Billing engineers. And the Consumption -4.4 kg per square meter.
  • Allowable wastage limit of steel for reconciliation – for this you must know the CPWD norms. Know how to control the Consumption and control the wastage. According to the CPWD only 2 % Wastage, But if I have giving responsibility as a billing engineer then I will keep no wastage record.
  • Mode of measurement steel of BBS- Measure in running meter.
  • Mode of measurement of Floor skirting- In running meter Given in Is code 1200 part-11
  • Criteria for additional claim in plaster- above 10 m (Given in IS 1200 Part-12 CPWD)
  • What is the standard length for hook in stirrups/rings?- According to IS code 2502: 1987 standard size of hook should be 24D for both ending while hook of 135 degree bends
  • And while, 20 D shall be taken for both bending hooks of 90 degree bends

  • Minimum length of the bar shall not consider in wastage- 1 m or More
  • Criteria of deduction in flooring work measurement- This kind of question generally asked as when contractor and client come to measure flooring work, know the standard size deduction should not be consider if less than 0.2 square meter according to the IS 1200. 
  • How much binding wire required for binding steels- they will ask you such kind of question so you have to give the suitable considerable answers? Like 1 % of total reinforcement.
  • Cement Consumption for 12 mm thick plaster in 1:4 Mortar Ratio-5.47 Kg/sq m (Given in CPWD)
  • Allowable wastage limit of coarse aggregate and the fine aggregate -5 %.
  • Mode of measurement t of anti-termite treatment work -in square meter.

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