Best Investment Plan in Your 20-25 's 

Did you know what's your Best Investment plan in your 20's? Let us introduce you to a secret sauce of Investment in this Blog. 

22 Dec 2021

If you’re in 20-25 Age and if someone asks you. What is your best investment Plan

You would surely go with the first option, which we explain below. 

But after Reading this Full Blog, you will be very clear about the best Investment plan.

Our Society or the financial advisor suggests we invest in banks, Fix Deposit, SIP (Systematic Investment Plan), mutual funds, and many other saving elements.

But what if there is another way which can compound over the Years. If you made this Investment between 20-25, you would have never worried after the ’30s

Today we will talk about the interest rate in different saving instruments given by the banks that you’ll get after a certain period.

There are fewer in some banks and High in others (Mutual funds), depending on how many years you want to invest your money. 

And also depends on- High-interest, High Risk! (Closely attention)

Firstly, we’ll talk about the Interest Rates, and then you’ll know the secret of the best investment Plan

Then let’s get in to know how much interest you would get when you invest some money on these platforms in India.

Interest rates in different Saving Instruments Per annum

Plans Co-operative Bank Fixed Deposits Regular Interest Rates (Per annum) Nationalised Banks For General Citizens (Per annum)
Fixed Deposit (FD) 5.40 % -6.25 % 2.50 %-5.75 %
Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) 9 % (High Risk and Not Guaranteed) 11 % (High Risk and Not Guaranteed)
Mutual Fund/ Stocks (1-Year Return)-If wisely Invest

Stocks (for long term investment) 25 % 30 %
Post Office Post office FD interest rates 4.00 %- 5.5 % per annum
Corporate Bonds 6.00 %-13.37 % Depends On Companies Rating

Civil Engineering Skills-

We’ll talk about the Best Investment Plan in Civil Engineering skills that will generate recurring income for the years.

Investing of 24,847 and dedicated to 6 Months of Training can give you a starting salary of a Minimum of 8,000 Per Month (Guaranteed) and Yearly 96,000 And year after year, it will compound.

After a year, with a minimum guarantee, you can generate 20,000 + Income every month.

And not only that, This skill will add lifetime value so you can earn up to a crore. 

Because once you invest in yourself and watch your life change for the better.

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