Waste Plastic in Road Construction

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15 Jan 2022

As we all know the consumption of plastics is constantly increasing. Once these materials are thrown out, they do not decompose. 

Hence, they are either land-filled or incinerated. But both are not eco-friendly processes as they pollute the land, water, and air.

As you know Uses of Plastic waste construction of road Protects the Environment from Adverse impact of waste Plastic. 

This can help solving the problem of pollution because most of the plastic waste is polymers which are very harmful for the environment.

as you may have been excited to know 

which types of Plastic waste are used in Road Contraction?

  • Plastic sticks for balloons
  • Candy sticks 
  • Plastic Flags
  • Thermocol
  • Plastic bags
  • Cups
  • Ice cream sticks
  • And many things.
Now look at how waste Plastic is used in India and it is mandatory to use in some construction. 

Plastic Waste Scenario in India

Throwing plastic waste is a serious matter, thus plastic waste for construction is always welcomed.

Central Pollution Control board (CPCB) Publish a report which tells that-

  • 3.3 million metric tonnes of plastic waste generated in India (2018-19) means 9200 Tonnes a Day
  • Total Municipal solid waste generated is 56 Million tonnes, out of which plastic waste is approximately 6%.

Now, Look at How Our Country has taken initiative-

Analyzing these data’s, the Union Minister of Environment came up with Plastic Waste Management Rule-2021

According to This Draft-

  • An immediate ban on the manufacture, import, distribution, stocking, and sale of plastic. 
  • Single-use Plastic must be started from January 1, 2022

Why will use the waste plastic of road construction

The following points will guide you on why plastic waste must be used in road construction.

  • The Waste Plastic in Road Construction roads is exposed to heavy traffic, monsoonal change, heavy rain, and shows better durability.
  • The roads are functioning well without potholes, traveling, and rutting.
  • Plastics-waste is coated over aggregate. This helps to have a better binding of bitumen with the plastic-waste coated aggregate which leads to increased bonding and increased area of contact between polymer and bitumen.
  • The polymer coating also reduces the voids. This prevents moisture absorption and oxidation of bitumen by entrapped air.

Process of Waste plastic road constructions

The following points will guide you on why plastic waste must be used in Road Construction.

  • Hot Aggregate- The aggregate was heated to around 1700
  • Plastic coated aggregate- (Hot Aggregate + Waste plastic shredded). The plastic waste was shredded to the size varying between 2.36mm to 4.75mm.
  • Plastic Coated Aggregate Bitumen Mixture-(Plastic Coated aggregate + Hot Bitumen 160 0C) - This shredded plastic waste was added over hot aggregate with constant mixing to give a uniform distribution. The plastic got softened and coated over the aggregate.
  • Ready material Laying at 120 0C-The hot plastic waste coated aggregate was mixed with the hot bitumen 60/70 or 80/100 grade.
  • Central mixing plant- This helps to have better control of temperature and better mixing of material which prepare uniform coating then heated bitumen is also sprayed on the Road. 

The Advantage of  Using Plastic Waste for Road Construction

Waste Plastic in Road Construction helps not only technology growth also the economic growth of the country:-

  • Use a higher percentage of plastic waste from every corner of the country.
  • Generate jobs for rag pickers
  • Reduce the need for bitumen by around 15-20 %.
  • Increase the strength and performance of the road. 
  • Reduce the cost to around Rs. 5000-1000/Km. of single-lane road
  • Carry the process on the site.
  • Avoid the disposal of plastic waste by incineration and landfilling
  • Develop a Road Construction, which is eco-friendly



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