Slab Centering Checklist

Read the full blog to know the essential slab Centering checklist that you should know as a House owner or the site Engineer. Also know Leveling, Tapping-RCC Slab Centering tape, Oiling, and Rcc Slab Centering Removal Time.

29 Nov 2021

Do you know What is to be done before casting for the Slab centering? If you don't become aware of it...Welcome!

Again, Hello Civil Engineers, Welcome to the world of Civil Engineering. This blog will explain 4 Important checklists before casting in the slabs and Beams.

If you're a site Engineer or a House Owner, You must know these Important Things before casting steel concrete.

1. Leveling 

2. Tapping-RCC Slab Centering tape

3. Oiling 

4. Rcc Slab Centering Removal Time

1. Leveling

The most important thing is to check the Level of centering-Many times, the Slab is very long, so it must be smooth and leveled on every part.

How you’ll check the Centering of the Slab

Step-by-step Procedure-

a) Set the Main level-

Known as the TBM (Temporary benchmark level) - This Level is taken from the down.

b) Marking in the Column or Rod

You get the Height below which the actual Height of the centering must be decided- because, as you know, the Plywood is placed at the same level.

c) Take Measurement

Measure the Plywood level to the marking (In the Image-29 Inch) and Repeat it with all the Columns and rods.

d) Transfer the Exact level to all Corner

Now, with the Measuring tape, Check the level from every corner and find out that the Height from the slab centering is the same everywhere.

a. If it’s less- Tell them to get the centering up. If you find the 28 inch, rise the centering to 29 inch. 

b. If it’s more- reduce the Height, let’s say if it is 30 Inch; tell the site Engineers to reduce it so make exact 29 Inch.

2. Tapping-Rcc Slab centering Tape 

When Plywood is laying in Different Pieces, tap the Joints' opening in the centering. 

Tapping the Joints done

why- Because 

a) When concrete is pouring into the Slab, Water will leak out from the holes.

b) Water cement Ratio- It plays a significant role in the slab centering checklist as it is Important to maintain the slurry's water-cement ratio. So to save the Ratio, Voids are to be filled with the Tapping. 

3. Oiling in slab centering

Oiling before Casting Should Be done for the Rcc slab centering-

  • To find the smooth Surface. 
  • When centering is open-it would be easy to open the plywood.

4. Rcc Slab Centering Removal Time

Your question would be.

After how many days does it take to open the Slab/beam centering?

Slab Centring Open- 14 to 24 Days depending upon the slab or beam span.

  • Full slab shuttering should be removed after ten days.
  • Beams and arches removal required 14 days.
  • If beams and arches are more than 6 meters, the centering removal time should be 21 days.
These four things for the slab Centering checklist are helpful to check in the construction site while leveling (slab Centering) is done before casting. And if you want to master this practical knowledge- Join India’s Best Civil Engineering training Institute- CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW! 

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