Rate Analysis of Excavation- Labour or Large Excavation Machinery

Read the full blog to know the Rate Analysis of Excavation work,  Also understand how you'll deploy either labor or the Excavator, and consider the essential points. Also, see the capacity of creation, tractor, and other machines. For example, how much soil can excavate in a day or an hour?

03 Dec 2021

In this blog, you’ll know Rate Analysis of Excavation-is it essential to deploy the large excavation machinery or labor (manual) for Site Excavation. 

And what are the dependable factors? 

Let’s begin Either you’ll deploy labor or the Machines. So let’s talk about


If buildings, entering the big machinery surround the Construction site is impossible. In this situation, labor can do all the excavation work.

Now to start the Rate Analysis of Excavation deploying the labor, you'll be excited to know  

What is the Efficiency of Labour? It depends on the type of soil. The contractor will charge more for the client if the ground is complex. It could-

  • For ordinary soil, that is, dirt that isn’t packed hard or full of roots, rocks, or other debris, the pit of (5 X 5 X 5=125 Ft3) can remove by two workers in a few hours.
  • If the soil is hard clay and has to loosen with a pickaxe, it could take days to finish the job.
  • If there are roots or rocks in the excavation, the job will go slower.
  • Also, you will need to haul away the spoil material (the soil you excavate)

And also, if the site is in a drained area, it needs to pump out the water. For that, they charge even more.

  • Labour rate- 300-400 Rupees for a day.

Two labor can Dig (5 X 5 X 5= 125 Ft3) Excavation Pit in a day- One delivery will dig, and the other will dispose of the materials.

Machine- To know the Rate Analysis of Excavation

Two types of machines can be used in the Excavation Pit.

1. JCB

When JCB is deploying in the site, how they charge- That depends upon these 3 Factors.

  • Day wise- JCB will come to the site on time, and in the whole day whatever work you want to deliver, based on that, they will charge.
  • Hourly- Hourly charges are little bit more as compare to day wise because JCB Charges with respect to Hourly rates. In between the work they can work slowly or fast that you have to keep eyes on them.
  • Unit wise-Unit wise charges are more than above because the contractors count the consumption of diesel or Petrol. Also, it is more expensive because they trust the unit from the starting from where they are coming to the site.
After digging the excavation pit, we'll talk about how medium soil should be disposed of? So these points help to keep in mind during excavation. JCB- for JCB to dispose of the soil, employ a tractor or Highway-otherwise soil will be disposed of near the Excavation pit. Also-

a. Look if the area is available near the site or not. 

 b. If there is enough space near the site, no need for a Tractor or Highway 

 c. If more soil is there to dispose of- Use Highwa. 

 d. In loses soil- Highwa can't enter. The tractor is needed there. e. If there is hard strata-JCB employs.

How many pits can JCB dig in an hour?

It is very important to know the Rate Analysis of Excavation as The excavation capacity of the JCB ranges from 700 cu ft. to 1200 cu ft. per hour, depending upon the type of soil & bucket capacity. So JCB can Excavate 5 to 6 Excavation Pit can dig.

Rate- If the big Project-and working for a long time- JCB charges 700-800 Rupees per Hour cost. And, If 3-4 Hours of work-1000 to 1200 Rupees per Hour Cost. 

One side Transportation Charge- often, you have to give JCB transportation changes to be on site. For example, suppose the Excavation site is on the distant-transportation cost to be added.

2. Chain mount to know Rate Analysis of Excavation

Chain Mount is easy to move over and has more capacity than JCB. So it can dig faster than JCB and can move in the undulation construction sites.

Chain Mountain- How much pit can be excavated in an Hour? 

Capacity- 50-70 cum/hr Depend upon the Driver is Experienced or Not. Almost 10-15 Pit can be excavated of (5 X 5 X 5= 125 Ft3) dimension. 

The capacity of the Transportation vehicles while Dispose of the soil

  • Tractor-2 wheels- Carry 100 Ff3 
  • Tiper-6 wheels- Carry 300 Ff3
  • Highwa-10 wheels- Carry 500-600 Ff3

Are safety measures required to save neighbor buildings?

  • Not harming the nearby Building if near the Excavation pit as If excavate-soil will lose and Building will Fall. 
  • Green Curtain has to be put all over the construction site not to let the dust-out and save the Environment.
  • Consider the pile-Very close concrete piling- if there is compact building pile concreting- Lock the side-if the soil is crumbling-open timbering is done-take shuttering and support.

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