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Important QA QC Civil Engineer Interview of H.R. And Technical questions will discuss inside. Read the Full blog to find the 18 short and straightforward answers and easily face the QA QC Civil Engineer Interview.  

Mon, 15 Sep

QA QC Civil Engineer interview questions and answers are important for Civil engineers to participate in the Interview Process. As a QA QC Engineer, you must look after broad construction industry areas. This blog will discuss the QA QC civil engineering Interview Questions. After completing all the questions and answers, you would be ready with the entire Interview-related question mostly asked. Let’s start now. 

Question No. 1- What was the most formidable challenge you’ve ever faced?

BEST ANSWER: if you've prepared well, this is a straightforward question to answer. You must have recent example support that demonstrates-

1. Ups and Downs- Paint a Picture of The struggle story in the last Job that you've faced, and it's made you depressed, anxious, and Give Up.

2. How to Overcome- How you dedicate yourself to overcoming that challenge creatively & with sincere efforts, you solved that.

3. Never give up any situation- Because tough and easy are the person's mindset.

4. Learned a huge lesson- A good lesson from that experience, which was excellent feedback for making a better decision.

TRAPS: Being unprepared or giving an unrealistic example from so early would not score.

Question No. 2- What are your goals?

BEST ANSWER: Many executives in a position to hire you are firm believers in goal-setting. They have reached this position only by setting goals only.

  • Don’t be vague about your career and personal goals- It could be a big turnoff for you if you say it correctly.

  • Be ready to discuss your goals for each major area of your life- Like Career, personal development, learning, family, physical (health). In addition, you could briefly and generally allude to your spiritual goals.

  • Be prepared to describe each goal in terms of specific milestones- periods you’re allotting for accomplishment. Why the plan is essential to you, and what particular steps you’re bringing. But do this concisely and constructively.
  • How you’ve accomplished a goal- Mention an example how you have achieved a Goals with the more satisfying way within a planned time.

Question No- 3 Why do you want to leave your Present Company?

Include these 3 Points to answer this kind of question-

1. Looking for Growth- You have learned new skills in the current role. With the new position, you can continue to grow with valuable skills in unique circumstances.

2. Looking for a Great Opportunity- that you’ve found in the new Company, and you would love to be a part of the project from the beginning to end.

3. Looking for Challenging- tell them that you’ve learned a lot in the current job role. But now you are looking for a company that provides more Challenging tasks, so you would continue to develop your skills and abilities.

Question No 4-Why should I hire you from the outside to promote someone from within?

BEST ANSWER: Help him see the qualifications and the skills that only you can offer.

Example In general, I think it’s an excellent and straightforward method to hire from within – Now, if you’re looking outside means that you’re not completely satisfied with someone from inside your Company.

And obviously, you want your organization to grow. So you want the highly eligible candidate. And then start answering the following points. 

  • Explain your Experiences and skills and knowledge- I feel that I can fill those gaps with my strongest skills and the experiences than other candidates.
  • You handle every task-without much supervision for the QA QC position.
  • Expand my horizon- You want to learn more and earn more.
  • Attending quality meetings- Participate in the Meetings and make better decisions.
  • Determined and honest- You would be an outstanding employee for them as you’re an Honest and smart worker.

TRAPS: It represents the interviewer’s dilemma over this problem. They want to hear what you have to say on the matter.

Important Points to be Note before Asking Questions by the Interviewers

These points are not ignorable when you sit for the QA QC interview questions and answers. Because your minor Mistakes can snatch your Job and hand it to other candidates, follow these rules to avoid the mistakes that happen at the time of the Interview.

  • Preparation- First, read the job description for the role you are applying for. According to that, List down what you have to answer.
  • Know About the Company- Because they indeed asked, "What do you know about this company?" you do some research before your interview.
  • I display low energy- lack of eye contact, slowness in responding to questions, and a lack of enthusiasm.
  • Focusing too much on them- Talking meaningless and endlessly about what you would not support you to land a job. They hire you because you have traits and skills to help them achieve their goals.
  • Seeming unprepared- Not demonstrating a basic knowledge, skills of the role or providing clear examples of your past performance lead you to lose the Job. Instead, prepare a few anecdotes about projects you completed.
  • Not having any questions- Most interviewers leave time in the end to answer questions. They know it's a two-sided conversation, and it's also a bit of a test for you. Not having any questions prepared signals you don't care and are not curious.
  • Following up too aggressively- While it's essential to follow up, but not send multiple emails or call an interviewer. Instead, send your follow-up email, and then move on with your life.

Commonly asked QA QC Civil Engineer interview questions and Best answers

1. What is Concrete Mix Design? (Select a fixed proportion of the ingredients) 

 2. What is the Water Cement ratio (ratio of the quantity of mixing water to the amount of cement) 

 3. The property of the ingredients to separate from each other while placing the concrete is called - Segregation. 

 4. What happens when the water-cement ratio increase ( Concrete become less workable, high slumps but strength decrease) 

 5. The standard sand now used in India is Obtained from Which Place?- Ennor (Chennai). 

 6. How would you Define the Workability of the Concrete?- Ease with which it can be Mixed, Transport and Placed in Position in Homogeneous state.

7. The factor which affects the design of concrete mix is?- Fineness modulus, water-cement ratio, and slump value. 

8. What happens when the water-cement ratio decreases? (because of the lower water content-concrete become drier, but compressive strength decreases) 

9. Which IS Code is following for concrete Mix design?-IS-10262 

10. How is the water to cement ratio determined? (By calculating the total weight of water to the importance of cement) 

11. The density of cement in Kg/m3 -1440 6. 

12. Setting time of gypsum increases by adding?- Gypsum 

13. What is the effect of air voids in concrete? (make the concrete more porous and hence strength is reduced highly) 

14. What is the smallest and largest Coarse aggregate used for RCC mix Design? (Largest Size=20mm, Smallest Size=10 mm) 

15. What is the effect of Increased size of Coarse Aggregate on Concrete Mix Design (if it is more than the design size, it affects the workability and causes segregation) 

 16. Is binding wire specification on-site?-minimum SWG (Standard wire gauge or 1.22 mm) soft annealed steel wire. 

 17. How many days Curing shall continue? - 7 days from the date of placing concrete in case of OPC. And should not be less than ten days for concrete exposed to dry and hot weather conditions. 

 18. Generally, What percentage of admixture is added in the mix? -less than or equal to 5 % by mass of the cement. 

Important Question-As a part of QA QC Civil Engineer Interview questions

  • Material Quality- Cement sand Aggregate 
  • Concrete Quality-like Cube test, Temperature, slump test, Vibration, pouring. 
  • Storage of materials- Proper location of cement, Condition, and the connectivity of the sites 
  • Record and register- Test report, site activity, DPR, MPR in the excel sheet 
  • Schedule of work- Time and the speed or work with the workforce, skill human resources
  • Reporting site activity-RCC, masonry, curing de shutting-kept the time activity  proper
  • Checklist of various work-PCC RCC, masonry, staging, shuttering
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