Multipurpose  Cover Block- How to Use at Site

Read the full blog to know the Practical use of Multipurpose cover blocks at the site. Know how to place in between the shuttering and Why the cover block is Important. 

01 Dec 2021

Cover Block- A multi cover block is essentially a spacer used to lift the Steel mesh off the ground so that concrete may flow under the rebars. Also, know the Cover Block Rate. 

Why cover block is Important?

  • It protects the Reinforcement from Environment exposure or Corrosion.
  • Maintain a specific distance between the steel bars and the shuttering
  • Give reinforcing bars sufficient embedding to enable them to be stressed without slipping.
  • Provide thermal insulation, which covers the reinforcement bars from fire

Important Checklist- The cover must be the same grade of concrete that you’re using in the building component. 

The different names of Cover Block

  • Coral Concrete Cover Block
  • Concrete Spacer Block
  • Reinforced Concrete Cement Cover

Cover Block Spacer

    In this Multipurpose cover block, you’ll find slots according to the Different spacing of the building components- such as for the column and footing have a separate section respectively.
    • Footing- 50 mm
    • Column- 40 mm
    • Beam- 25 mm
    • RCC Slab- 15 mm
    • Staircase-15 mm

    Footing Cover block

    A Cover Block of 50 mm will use for the Footing, and after that, rebars are laying above the cover, and the footing mesh is prepared.

    you can see below how the rebars are placed above the concrete blocks. 

    Multipurpose Cover Block in Column 

    Cover Block of 40 mm: Place the Cover block in the Direction to fit with the Plywood. See below How it is holding both the Bar and the shuttering. 

    Cover Block in Beam

    A concrete cover Block of 25 mm is placed with the shuttering.  

    You can clearly see in the picture how to place the 25 mm cover block with rinforcement to find the actual spacing of the beam.

    Clear Cover for Building Structures 

    Here are the important Points to know that How Much spacing should be for each structural component. and according to that the Multipurpose cover block can be laid and prepared the rebar mesh. 
    • Footing- 50 mm
    • Column- 40 mm
    • Beam- 25 mm
    • RCC Slab- 15 mm
    • Staircase-15 mm

    Cover Block Rate

    • 20/25/40/50 (Pack of 80) - ₹650.00
    • Or 2 to 5 Rupees per piece, available in the local market.
    • You can check the Rates Visiting the Indiamart Website.

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