Does the Depth of Excavation Include the depth of the Soling?

Read The Full Blog to Know the soling, Process, and checklist while doing Excavation. 

8 Dec 2021

In this blog, you'll know the Excavation Checklist for soling work on site. 

Do you know the Depth of the Excavation we get in the drawing includes the Depth of the soling too?

So, all of you are welcome to read this blog, a critical checklist, before performing the Excavation. Let's do it.

Soling depth depends on Depth of Footing and Depth of footing depends upon many factors such as-

  • Nature of the Soil
  • Type of soil and
  • Position of Water Table 

So Engineers, First we know

What Is Soling 

Soling- Soling consists of digging the earth to a required depth and laying the crushed stone ( stone ballast or Brick Ballast that are complex and durable stone) quarries adjacent to another and filling the gaps with the sand. 

It is provided in the foundation, as it would work as the cushions for the footing have substantial sub-base works. 

Whatever the thickness of the soling, it Depends upon Sub soil base.

The main purpose of Soling work

  • Consolidate the foundation soil layer First
  • It is one of the most common techniques used for soil stabilization.
  • It helps in enhancing the bearing capacity of soil
  • Withstand the collapse of the structure.
  • It gives the floor a solid and stable platform.
  • To provide better strength to the foundation.


  • Before laying the foundation (ground floor slab), it is done by wedging and packing.
  • The soling that we provide can either be stone ballast or brick ballast.
  • And then fill the gaps with the sand.
  • After laying for the entire area, consolidating with the Heavy Rollers or ramming is done.

Site Visit Check for Soling 

  • When we Visit The site, what we have to check is
  • We have to check the Drawing (Good For construction Drawing) I have with me.
  • Is there Depth of the Soiling Included with the Depth of the Excavation?

Also, check before the Excavation-

The depth of footing is the PCC and cushion depth mentioned prior or not.


Let’s the Foundation Dimension is.

1000 X 1000 X 1200, and there is loose soil

Use Plumb Concrete or Rubble Soling work- and above that, fill the sand and Use PCC M10 (1:3:6) concrete. For soling, Use stone Size- 40 mm to 50 mm. 

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