Cost of Painting a House in India

Know The details of house painting cost for one room and the whole house as this blog help you to save the cost. also know the labor cost of painting a house per square foot India

13 Nov 2021

Do you want to know the Cost of Painting a House in India?

If Yes,

Then, you have come to the right place

Many times what happens is that,

You go to the painter or to the contractor and you don't know about the small things that have to be done for painting.

They will tell you that we will do all the measures and in the end, you have to give us money.

Because you do not know how much is the cost of Putty and paints in the market and also the labor cost.

They can cheat you too.

Even you don’t aware of which Putty, primer, or paint will be good for your house.

So you need to think right about all this, which you will get through this blog.

This will give you the advantage that your walls will not be damaged and money will not be spent too much.

After reading this blog, you will get to know how much your house paint will cost.

Items required and costs

So here you’ll know what the rates of the items are and how much space it covers in the walls per unit so that you can understand in a very easy way. 

the idea that how you can paint the house in less cost.

See the table below to know the market rates.

Item Required Area covered /Kg or /Lt Cost (Rs)
White Cement wash 10 - 15 ft2/kg 20-25 /Kg
Putty Double coat 12-16 ft2/kg 20-25 /Kg
Primer Single coat 100-150 ft2/Lt 125-150/Lt
Paint Double coat 80-120 ft2/Lt 150-180 /Lt
Labour 8-10 /ft2

These items are available in the market with different variations of rates.

If you want to expanse more then go through the good quality paint. Below you’ll get the price of all available paints in the market.

General thumb Rule-if you want to Paint a house of 1000 sq Ft (25 X 40) and It's A fresh painting.

How much Cost of Painting a House in India would take?

With the help of an example here, you will understand how much will the total cost of painting in just one room.

And with the help of this Example, you can easily find the cost of the rooms of your entire house.

So we have a room here, a window and a door.

And the Dimension is below-

Entry room of the house- 10X14 room size where there is a

  • Window 3 X 4 and
  • Doors 3 X 7 
  • Height of the Room =10 ft 
  • All the dimensions are in Feet.

Calculation of covered area wall painting 

First of all, the area of ​​the walls needs to be determined. After that, all the windows and doors have to be subtracted from them. You will find an area where you need to paint after deduction.

So this table is for you to understand.

Items Covered area Door/window Deduction Area(ft2)
Wall-1 10 X 10 3X7 (Door) 79
Wall-2 10 X 14 3X4 (Window) 128
Wall-3 10 X 10 100
Wall-4 10 X 14 140
Ceiling 10 X 14 140
Total Area 587 ft2

 Final cost of wall painting in one room 

Now we are going to calculate the cost of the 12 X 10 size room and on the basis of that, you can find the Rate of Painting of the entire House.

Items Required Area covered /kg or /lt The amount required /Kg or /L Rate per unit (Rupees) Cost (Rupees)
Whitewash 22 ft2/kg 26.7 Kg 25 667.5
Putty Double coat 15 ft2/kg 39 Kg 25 975
Primer Single coat 150 ft2/Lt 4 Lt 120 480
Paint Double coat 100 ft2/kg 5.87 Lt 175 1028
Brush+Putty blade+Sand Paper+ Role 1000
Labour 8 ft2 4696
Total Cost 8846.00 approx (9000 /-)

You will see this specification written in the bags while you purchase. So before going further, see the bag and ask the retailers.

Now let's say if you want to know the cost of painting a house per square foot in India Like painting work of the house of 1000 square feet House. 

As per thumb Rule-

Ceiling Area=Floor Area

And, the Internal wall area increased by 3.5 Times to the ceiling area.

Therefore, the Internal area= 3.5 X 1000= 3500  sq Ft.

So the total paint area= 1000 + 3500 = 4500 sq Ft

Items Area covered /kg or /lt The amount required /Kg or /L Rate per unit (Rupees) Cost (Rupees)
Whitewash 22 ft2/kg 204.5 Kg 25 5112
Putty 15 ft2/kg 300 Kg 25 7500
Primer 150 ft2/Lt 30 L 120 3600
Paint 100 ft2/kg 45 L 175 7875
Labour 8-10 ft2 8 36,000
Total Cost 60,087

For all the rooms Including a bathroom, toilet and others (All interior). With this, your entire cost would be within 60,000 Rupees.

And if you going to purchase the items in bulk, you may have to pay less. 

Many times it happens that we get confused, after all which putty will be right rate-wise for your house.

So don’t be hesitate

Here is the List of the Putty that you can purchase for your House-

Name of the putty Amount Rates
Birla white 40 Kg 900-950 /-
Asian Paint 40 Kg 800-900 /-
JK Cement 40 Kg 850-900 /-
Indigo 40 Kg 920-960 /-
Jk wall Putty 40 Kg 700-800 /-
Berger wall putty 40 Kg 800-900 /-

Note- If you want Whiteness- go with the Asian or indigo. Birla or jk provides whiteness with a little bit of yellows whiteness.

Putty comes in the quantity of 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, and 20Kg. Purchase according to the requirement.

Now come to the choices of paints.

Here you know the names of some paints, which will give information about price and these are available in the market or you can order online.

Name of the Paints Quantity (Lt) Price (Rs)
Berger Bison Acrylic Interior Wall Emulsion Paint 5 Lt 850 /-
Asian paints Tractor Emulsion 4 Lt 1520 /-
British Paints 4 Lt 836 /-
Nerolac Impressions Metallic Paint, Red Pearl-4L 4 Lt 3,350 /-

Now you might be clear with the Cost of Painting a House in India and we are sure you can calculate for your house. 

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At last, we are sure that, you have the idea to calculate the cost of the one room. With this, you’ll be able to calculate the whole house.

Our suggestion is to go with a good brand of materials and choose the skilled labor that is a big factor to keep the walls of your house safe for a long time.

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