How to Increase the Strength of 3-D Printing Concrete Mixture- using Waste Glass

In this Blog, you’ll get to know How to increase the strength of concrete mixture in 3-d Printing concrete materials using Waste glass replacing the 50% of aggregate. also you'll be aware of what are the advantage of construction 3D Printed Concrete House.

23 March 2022

Just like IT industry, Civil Engineering Industry is Evolving. Latest technologies have been including in the construction industry. Till now you have seen simple concrete structures in building which is well mixture of cement sand, aggregate and water in definite proportion. 

After preparing the slurry it is cast in Poured in formwork and left it for hardening. But do you know methods of construction are evolving day by day. 

So in this Blog, you’ll get to know How to increase the strength of concrete mixture in 3-d Printing concrete using Waste glass replacing the 50% of aggregate.

3-D Printed Concrete House

Nowadays most of the people want their Homes to very fascinating and decorative which need better Architecture and you know that is a highly competitive area. Start With house architecting, architects face tough competition when clients have variety of choices. 

But exploring 3-D Printing Concrete structures, it’s very easy to cast any kind of designs by the architects. Moreover with almost Zero waste construction and eco-friendly and lots of advantage.

3-D Concrete Printing Technology

Even in building Construction adding 3-d Concrete Printing technology leads to use 3D printing concrete into a more robust, eco-friendly building material. You may have heard about 3D printing Designs of structures. Before that you must know what 3-D printing concrete is.

3D printing concrete is a particular sort of concrete mix (slurry of Cement, sand aggregate & water) that can only be utilized in 3D printers (These are Machines to mould). 3D printing does not require traditional technology like formwork or vibration. Spray the concrete mix by 3-D Printers and self-compacting concreting combines both benefits.

To date, limited knowledge on 3-D printable Concrete mixtures is available. Now Researchers are more aligned toward saving cost, environmental friendly and help to introduce new cost effective materials of 3-D printing. So, 3-D Printing Concrete materials can play a significant role is associated with manufacturing of lightweight structures of Building construction.

Material used for 3-D printing Concrete Construction

New technology helping to develop the strong and sustainable 3-D printing concrete Mix using waste recycled materials. But these two things are keep in mind before choosing the right materials.

  • Lightweight Printable Mixture
  • Needs materials of low Thermal conductivity

Below are the Points helps you know what kind of materials is used to make the 3-D Printing structures.

  • 3D printing of this earthen structure-soil, lime and rice fibres (straw chopped rice and rice husk)
  • Some Mix prepare using ordinary Portland cement (OPC)- with lower water-cement ratio and consisting of cement, sand, and other additives.
  • In India-Basic materials are used with some additives, but for the 3-D Printing Concrete, some extra materials are used depends on the Purpose.
  • In America- They used cement, sand, geopolymer, sand and other additives
  • In China- Concrete mix made up of cement, sand, fiber and other additives.

Advantage of using 3-D Printing Concrete

Let’s know why it is good for use 3-D Printing concrete in construction field.

  • Minimizing waste because you don’t need formwork
  • Design flexibility and better creativity and more robust structures.
  • Minimizing production time – Most of the work done by machine and 3D printers can operate for 24 hours a day
  • Reducing Labor Cost
  • Decrease the amount of waste produced
  • Increase the safety of construction workers
  • manufacturing of lightweight structures Possible
  • Needs materials of low Thermal conductivity

Recently used materials

In India as well as Other Countries, Continuous research is being carried out to develop better materials for use in 3D printing of structures. According to the researchers incorporating recycled (waste) glass aggregate for 3D concrete printing is the best way to improve the material mix.

Recycled Waste Glass

A team of 7 at RMIT University did Research and Practical with adding recycled glass to concrete in December 2021finding that resulting 3-D Printing materials had strong and sustainable credentials.

Test Conduct on these Two-

Replacing natural aggregate with waste glass (WG) by 50 Vol % and 100 Vol %. And other material expanded thermoplastic microspheres (ETM) were incorporated into the mixture. Here, they found the Results-

  • This led to a reduction in density of the mixtures as well as the thermal conductivity by up to 40%.
  • Addition of ETM Results in lower yield shear stress and higher plastic viscosity by 28% and 66%, respectively.
  • Changes in mechanical properties- led to enhanced flexural and compressive strength of the composite.
Benefits of adding these materials

Improvement of shape retention, Flow ability, setting times, and early-hardened mixtures' properties which was better than simple mix.

So saving the aggregate cost by replacing with waste glass will help the companies to make a good choice for the 3-D printing concrete materials. And soon it will best choice for the construction owners who want better architecture house with low cost materials and eco-friendly Houses in the near Future.



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